Fully Qualified

Home Health Aide

Compassionate, caring and respectful, our home health aide caregivers skillfully provide a full spectrum of care services, alleviating dignity issues for the patient and family caregivers while building warm and trusting client relationships.

Assistance with Tasks of Daily Living

Eating, grooming, incontinence, mobility, bathing, dressing, medication reminders

Dementia Care

Morning wakeup, medication reminders

Other Support

Transport and/or accompany (medical appointments, physical therapy, occupational therapy), hospital discharge assistance, family engagement and support

Do you help with medication and jabs? + -

Yes. We are able to to assist with medication intake as prescribed by your primary care, and also help with jabs such as diabetes insulin.

Are your staff fully trained? + -

Yes. Our staff are screened and vetted to meet our high standards as well as state regulated training and certifications,  so that we can always provide the best at home care.

Do you operate 24 hours? + -


What they say

My son is 28 years old and suffers from mental illness. Uniting has helped us to follow the treatments and keep my son at home. My son been with Uniting since 2016, I will never change agencies. Uniting With You Home Care not only cares for my son, but also for me as a caregiver. I am lucky to had them.

M. Cabrera (Mother)

What they say

Uniting with You Home Care is exactly what their name states. They united with me on my pain and the black hole that I been trapped in because of mental health disease. With their care I am doing a lot better, I feel I alive again. The nurses are great, and they listen to my concerns.

E. Ripoll (Client)

What they say

Uniting With You Home Care been taking care of my Dad since 2016. Dad now is keeping all medical appointments and his health has improved. I am a busy mom and having Uniting Home Care taking care of my Dad has made all the different on our family

Angela Perez (daughter)



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United With You

Our goal at Uniting With You Home Care is to help our clients to live life fully, rather than just survive day-to-day.