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“Uniting With You Home Care been taking care of my Dad since 2016.  Dad now is keeping all medical appointments and his health has improved. I am a busy mom and having Uniting Home Care taking care of my Dad has made all the different on our family.”
Angela Perez (daughter)

“Uniting With You Home Care has changed my life. Before, I was very confused with my medication and forgot to take my medication. The pills were piled up on my kitchen table. I had a heart attack. I missed many doctor appointments and I was miserable.  Uniting with You nurses are wonderful; Ruth Chabot is my angel, she takes care of me on all aspects of my health. She sets up doctor appointments, transports me and translates for me at each doctor appointment. I really love how involved they are and how knowledgeable they are. Ruth fills my pill box, teaches me and helps me to keep up the healthy lifestyle I need to improve my health. I had other home care agencies, but not even one of them ever accompanied me to doctor’s appointment, stayed with me and advocated for me, not only at the doctor office but also in the community. Ruth listens to my frustration and lifts me up. I am so blessed to have them.”
D. De Pena (Client)

“Uniting with You Home Care is exactly what their name states. They united with me on my pain and the black hole that I been trapped in because of mental health disease. With their care I am doing a lot better, I feel I alive again. The nurses are great, and they listen to my concerns.”
E. Ripoll (Client)

Uniting with you Home Care Home Health Aides are wonderful. My aide is the best I ever had. She cares for me in a way no one has before, and goes above and beyond her duties to help me, doing outings and helping me to walk, exercise and keep me in check with drinking enough fluids and eating healthy. The nurses are great and always listen to my needs. I am very happy I found them.”
J. D. (Client)

“I cannot say enough about Maria. I had so many other aides and nurses helping me before, they were not bad at all, but Maria I will never let her go. She is the best, doing so much for me, I do not have to ask; she knows what I need, she does many extra work that it is not part of her duties – but she do it with an smile.  She is like part of my family.”
M. M. (Client)

“My son is 28 years old and suffers from mental illness. Uniting has helped us to follow the treatments and keep my son at home. My son been with Uniting since 2016, I will never change agencies. Uniting With You Home Care not only cares for my son, but also for me as a caregiver. I am lucky to had them.”
M. Cabrera (Mother of client)

“I was confused about my medication, not feeling well and I felt my doctor never listened to me. Now with Uniting With You Home Care, I feel that all my questions are being answered one by one. My doctor is listening and taking the necessary steps to improve my health. The nurses are my advocates and they keep up with my appointments and translate for me as well. I live alone, I do not drive, I do not speak English, and I have been sick and confused about my health and medications. Now I am learning about my medications, about diet and exercise. I do not have to worry because I know the nurses and Home Health Aides are on top of things. I love Uniting With You Home Care.”
M. Gomez (Client)

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