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We have gathered some resources that could potentially assist you or your loved one with matters that matter. Click on the links to to be re-directed to these resources.

Health Organisations (National Resources) + -

National organizations offer robust information and are a good starting point for research and information about a chronic condition or ailment. Many national organizations have state or regional chapters and may offer free newsletters and other information resources.


American Association of Retired people (AARP) + -

AARP membership is available to individuals over 50 years of age who are or are not yet retired. The organization’s mission is to empower its members to choose who they live as they age. – Member benefits include:


  • Government advocacy and support
  • Medical related: Medical, dental, vision care and long-term care insurance, health tools and calculators, symptom checkers, hearing tests and more
  • Travel-related benefits: Car rentals, airfare, rail, tours and vacation packages, hotel discounts
  • Dining and entertainment discounts
Medicare & Medicaid + -

Both Medicare and Medicaid are government-sponsored programs to assist US citizens with healthcare costs. Each has eligibility requirements and coverage. Medicare is a federal program associated with social security, and is available to US citizens age 65 and older and individuals with certain disabilities. In MA, Medicaid is state program that helps low-income individuals pay for long-term custodial care. There are income eligibility requirements that apply.

General Health Information + -
  • Everyday Health
    This site includes information on various health conditions, health living strategies including diet and exercise, as well as health tools such as a prescription medication lookup tool, a calorie counter and a symptom checker.
  • MedicineNet
    This site includes health and wellness information including information and resources for specific diseases and conditions, symptom checkers, medical terms dictionary and a free online newsletter.
Local Hospitals + -
Meal Delivery Information & Service + -
Medical Supplies + -
Partnered Organizations + -

What they say

My son is 28 years old and suffers from mental illness. Uniting has helped us to follow the treatments and keep my son at home. My son been with Uniting since 2016, I will never change agencies. Uniting With You Home Care not only cares for my son, but also for me as a caregiver. I am lucky to had them.

M. Cabrera (Mother)

What they say

Uniting with You Home Care is exactly what their name states. They united with me on my pain and the black hole that I been trapped in because of mental health disease. With their care I am doing a lot better, I feel I alive again. The nurses are great, and they listen to my concerns.

E. Ripoll (Client)

What they say

Uniting With You Home Care been taking care of my Dad since 2016. Dad now is keeping all medical appointments and his health has improved. I am a busy mom and having Uniting Home Care taking care of my Dad has made all the different on our family

Angela Perez (daughter)



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