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Healthy Snacks for Seniors

Senior Home Care: Healthy Snacks in Marblehead, MA
Senior Home Care: Healthy Snacks in Marblehead, MA

Your nutritional needs change and evolve as you age. Eating massive meals three times a day may no longer interest you and it may make you uncomfortably full. Instead, opting for healthy snacks is a great way to limit portion size, continue to get the nutritional value you need, and it may encourage you to consume the appropriate amount of calories. Sometimes as a senior living alone means it is harder to do the everyday tasks like making meals and snacks can be a lot more attainable because they are smaller and meant for individuals. Senior home care may also have an easier time making meals and keeping track of how much a senior is eating this way. But what are the best snacks for senior home care to make? Here are healthy snacks good for most seniors:

Fresh Veggie Sticks

A simple go-to meal for kids, adults, and seniors is veggie sticks. Find fresh vegetables at your local store and pick something in season. If you need help cutting up your produce this is a task that senior home care may be able to help with if you ask them! Cut your favorite produce up and find a healthy dip. This is a good snack that will provide different vitamins and minerals depending on what vegetables you choose. A good trick to learn what you should be eating is to ask your doctor what vitamins or minerals you’re low in and find vegetables high in the nutrients you’re missing. A doctor can find out this information through blood tests.

Mixed Berries and Nuts

You can look for dried berries and nuts at the store but if you don’t like the prepackaged flavors, you can easily make your own. Pick out your favorite nuts and fresh berries to snack on throughout the day. You can eat them together or one at a time. If you prefer dried fruits, find options that don’t have any extra or added sugar. When focusing on diet you will want to focus on fats, minerals, and calories. You need to eat well-rounded and mixed berries and nuts provides a good way to do that.

Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

If you are craving something sweet and tangy, this is the perfect dessert for you. It does not have to be super high calorie and if you get pre cut pineapple it can be easy to make on your own. Measure out one portion of cottage cheese and one portion of pineapple and snack away! This is a light snack that will leave you feeling full and energized from eating pineapple.

Crackers with Avocado

Finding whole grain crackers that are in a good calorie range will be a good trick for this snack. However, you can also ask the senior home care provider to make chips or crackers for you. Grab low carb pita bread, cut it up in shapes you want, and bake for a few minutes until they are crunchy. This will allow you to know exactly how many calories are in the chips and you place the fresh avocado right on top. It is a snack filled with healthy fats and it is filling. Use different seasonings to achieve various flavors. This is a good snack for anyone look for a crunchy texture but still easy to eat.

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