In-Home Skilled Nursing Care

Uniting With You Home Care offers nursing, home health aide and caregiver assistance to people with health challenges, allowing them to remain in their homes or return home after hospitalization. We are family-owned and operated and are committed to providing heart-centered care for all of our clients. We are a local small business that takes pride in serving the seniors and families on the North Shore.

We provide temporary and ongoing home healthcare services to clients 18 and older with various medical needs, including chronic disease or acute trauma, post-surgical care, mental health and care including education around coping and managing the disease process based on a new diagnosis.

When illness or injury happens, the comfort of home and the support of family is often the best medicine. That’s why more families choose in-home skilled nursing care to help loved ones recover or manage chronic conditions. With compassionate expertise from Uniting With You Home Care, you can get back to cherished routines while receiving top-notch medical care.

Skilled Nursing Services at Home Include:

  • IV Infusions

  • Medication Management

  • Wound Care

  • Diabetes Management

  • Patient Education

  • Ostomy Care

  • Post Surgical Care

  • The transition from Hospital to Home

A customized care plan delivers precisely the assistance required whether it’s short-term post-operative help or ongoing disease management. With round-the-clock availability, nurses can work with any schedule. Most importantly, qualified nursing professionals bring their experience, equipment, and supplies to you.

Receiving skilled care at home allows you to sleep in your own bed while having vital signs monitored and dressings changed. Meals are cooked in your familiar kitchen while medication is accurately dispensed per doctor’s orders. You’re surrounded by family photos and favorite books, with very low risk of infections. It’s a far better setting for healing than an impersonal institution.

Home care also means less disruption to daily life. Appointments, errands and social visits can continue without pre-arrangement for transportation or special permission. For family members, there’s no need to take time off work to provide rides or keep bedside vigils in a hospital waiting room. With competent nursing staff on hand, regular routines can be maintained.

Nursing Expertise for Diverse Healthcare Needs

In-home skilled nursing services span a wide spectrum of medical needs from IV medication infusions to catheter changes, oxygen therapy, dementia care and more. Patients can rely on the full attention and expertise of registered nurses without leaving their residence.

IV Infusion Therapy

Intravenous infusions deliver concentrated doses of medications directly into the bloodstream. This method is frequently prescribed for infections, pain management, hydration, chemotherapy and other treatments. Patients can experience burning or fluid leaking if IVs aren’t started and maintained properly. Visiting nurses have specialized skills in IV access, solution preparation and monitoring for any infusion reactions. With IV therapy at home, you experience fewer complications and greater comfort.

We are family-owned and operated and are committed to providing heart-centered care for all of our clients.

Providing In-Home Skilled Nursing Care in Marblehead, Nahant, Salem, Danvers, Lynn, Saugus, Revere, Beverly, Malden, Peabody, Melrose, Chelsea, East Boston, Middleton, Andover, Lynnfield, Somerville, Swampscott, Everett, Winthrop, all of the North Shore, and Essex County.

Tailored Nursing Care Promotes Healing

In-home skilled nursing from Uniting With You Home Care provides precisely the medical services and oversight needed for optimal recovery. Nurses conduct health assessments and then work closely with the patient, family, and doctors to develop custom treatment plans. The appropriate mix of professional expertise and personal attention promotes faster healing for each unique situation.

  • Patients with wounds that require complex dressing changes and infection monitoring receive the specialized wound care required. 

  • Those recovering from surgery get incision site management, pain control and physical therapy support. 

  • Kidney disease patients undergo dialysis while osteomyelitis is treated with IV antibiotics. 

In each case, nurses bring advanced skills and technology right to the bedside. 

Working within the familiar home setting allows nurses to incorporate personal health habits and emotional needs into care plans. Treatment routines adapt to fit long-held daily schedules. Physical spaces are arranged for optimal accessibility and safety. Known stress triggers can be avoided while favorite foods and music boost morale. Medical services blend seamlessly into normal life.

Ongoing communication keeps all members of the care team aligned. Nurses relay progress and any concerns to physicians while teaching family members proper techniques for assisting with needs like transfers. Everyone works together to help the patient regain strength and independence.

Wound Care

Chronic or non-healing wounds require advanced treatments to protect against infection while promoting tissue regeneration. Skilled nurses employ techniques like debridement, pressure bandaging, topical pharmaceuticals and hyperbaric therapy. They ensure wounds are thoroughly cleaned while monitoring for signs of improvement or deterioration. Their clinical experience results in faster wound closure.

Compassionate, caring, and charitable, our healthcare professionals truly care about their work and build warm and trusting client relationships. 

Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia at home poses many challenges. Visiting nurses offer solutions like fall prevention, wandering reduction strategies and medication administration techniques. They also provide education to family caregivers on maintaining safety. Specialized dementia care enables patients to remain at home longer.

Benefits of In-Home Skilled Nursing

Choosing in-home skilled nursing care has many advantages over extended hospitalizations or facility stays.

Personalized Medical Care – Nurses get to know the patient and family in their own environment tailoring care accordingly. Specific needs, preferences and habits are incorporated into treatment.

Preserves Independence – Patients can continue familiar routines in their own homes avoiding disruptions. More freedom and dignity is maintained.

Reduces Stress – Home provides a comfortable space without disruptive overhead announcements, unfamiliar smells or noisy roommates. Patients experience less anxiety.

Promotes Safety – Risk of infections and falls are lower at home versus institutions. Caregivers control the setting.

Convenience – Patients aren’t subjected to restrictive visitation hours or long drives to appointments. Medical care comes to them.

Cost Savings – Home health care costs can be covered by insurance or Medicare avoiding hefty hospital bills. No expenses associated with facility stays.

With professional support in your own residence, recovery or chronic disease management proceeds faster. Patients experience greater comfort and independence compared to institutional care.

Ostomy Care

Ostomy surgery to divert elimination often leaves patients unsure how to manage new appliances. Leaks, skin breakdown and other complications can arise without proper care. Home health nurses are ostomy experts guiding patients through each step from measuring the stoma to selecting correctly fitted pouches. With ostomy education and assistance, self-care confidence is built.  

Post-Surgical Care

Recovering from surgeries like joint replacement or organ transplant requires close oversight. Nurses make incision checks, monitor drains and watch for post-operative complications like blood clots. Pain is controlled through injections, intravenous or topical medications based on physician orders. With personalized nursing care, patients heal faster and avoid readmission.

Partnering with Uniting With You Home Care

When in-home skilled nursing care is required to regain health or manage progressive conditions, partner with the experienced team at Uniting With You Home Care. Our fully licensed and extensively trained nurses are dedicated to delivering compassionate support and expert-level medical services in your Swampscott home. We handle everything from coordinating with physicians to filing insurance claims. Healthcare centered on your unique needs makes all the difference in outcome. Contact us today to discuss your situation and begin developing a customized skilled nursing plan.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Skilled Nursing Care

Both Medicare and many private insurances offer coverage for in-home skilled nursing care provided certain medical necessity criteria are met like recent hospitalization, non-healing wounds or IV medication administration needs. Uniting With You Home Care handles verification of benefits and filing claims.

Our team includes nurses available 24/7 to provide services from medication administration to medical emergency response. Care plans are customized to each patient’s daily schedule and needs.

Our skilled nurses complete extensive accredited training programs and maintain all necessary certifications. They specialize in areas like IV therapy, dementia care, wound management and post-surgical recovery. Continuing education ensures the latest healthcare advancements are applied.

Comprehensive home safety assessments are performed initially and ongoing. All equipment brought into the home is inspected routinely. Nurses are trained in infection control, fall prevention and accident avoidance. Patients benefit from round the clock monitoring.

Family participation is encouraged from care planning to assisting with needs like mobility support. Nurses provide guidance to ensure techniques are done properly. Open communication keeps everyone informed of progress.

With Uniting With You Home Care’s skilled nursing services, Swampscott residents can experience the best of both worlds – expert medical care delivered in the comfort of home. Contact us to learn more about our nurse-led support services.

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