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Home Care Tips: It’s Time to Start Swimming as a Senior

Swimming offers numerous health benefits for seniors. Home care can facilitate and ensure safety for those who want to enjoy this activity while aging.
Home care can help aging seniors experience new activities like swimming.
Home care can help aging seniors experience new activities like swimming.

As summer quickly approaches, your loved one may feel like they need to be more active. Swimming may be the best option if they are looking for something to do. There are many health benefits for seniors who choose to swim; it could help them live a longer and fuller life while aging in place. A senior should always choose to swim in a location with a lifeguard present, and they may need an extra set of eyes with them.

If a senior needs help driving to a place to swim, home care can help them with this. Home care specialists can provide transportation, encourage healthy habits, and make things easier and more achievable for those who want to age in place. If your loved one wants to go swimming, there is nothing stopping them!

Here are all of the reasons why swimming is a great option for seniors this summer.


Swimming Is a Full Body Workout

Seniors may not be able to run marathons or even walk very well, but they will need to focus on finding ways to exercise. Walking and jogging can really hurt a senior because it is jarring and can hurt their bodies. Seniors can walk or swim in the water, taking the pressure off their bodies while still allowing them to move and develop the muscles needed to age. This is an easy way to move the entire body without feeling the stress of movement.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for most people. If your loved one has not been an avid swimmer, there are other options that home care providers can help with. They can walk in the heated pool, take a water aerobics class, or even learn how to swim in a senior class.


Water Workouts Are Easy on the Joints

One of the best things about swimming is that there is no pressure on the body in the water. This means there is no pressure on the joints, which is crucial for most seniors. It can hurt to move, but eliminating the pain that follows movement can make it fun and less painful to work out. Swimming is good for seniors who suffer from arthritis or other ailments that make it hard to move around.


It Helps a Senior Stay Focused

Your loved one may struggle to stay focused during the day, and the truth is they may have too much extra energy to focus. They may need to burn off energy to become calmer and be able to focus on the tasks at hand. As a senior gets older, even with home care to help them, they need to focus on ways to move around throughout the day to help them live life. Swimming offers them an easy way to move around, burn energy, and go back home to focus on whatever they need to.


Swimming and Movement is Good for Mental Health

As seniors age, they have to worry about different things that can be stressful. Swimming offers a way for them to zone out and move around, which can help ease stress. This hobby can be mentally healthy, and it is a good activity to try out this summer.



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