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Skin Care Tips For Seniors In Their 70s

Learn how aging impacts skin health and discover how personal care at home can help seniors maintain their skincare routine to prevent infections and skin conditions.
Personal care at home caregivers can help seniors with skincare issues and protection.
Personal care at home caregivers can help seniors with skincare issues and protection.

Changes in skin tone, texture, and moisture are part of the natural aging process. As seniors age, their skincare routine should change to keep up with those changes. One of the biggest changes that occurs with age is the loss of elasticity. Because senior skin is less elastic, it’s very important for seniors to protect and take care of their skin.

When seniors don’t take good care of their skin, they could develop dry and cracked skin. Those small cracks can let in bacteria that can cause infections. Seniors may also experience rashes and eczema, which require good skin care.

If your senior mom or dad is having trouble taking care of their skin, personal care at home can help. Seniors who have personal care at home will get support from a caregiver trained to help seniors with hygiene tasks in a dignified and compassionate way.

Some great skin care tips for seniors in the 60s and 70s from the American Association of Dermatologists are:


Use A Humidifier In The House

Dry itchy skin is unpleasant and can worsen if the air inside the house where your mom or dad spends most of their time is dry. Use a humidifier in the living room, the bedroom, and anywhere else that your senior parent spends a lot of time. The ideal humidity level in your senior parent’s home is between 45% and 60%, so try to keep the humidity in that range.

Personal care at home caregivers can help keep the humidifier running and properly set.


Showers Should Be Short

Seniors should keep their showers short to avoid drying out their skin. Personal care at home can help seniors shower so that they can get clean quickly and exit the shower safely. Dermatologists also recommend showering with warm water, not hot water, because hot water can dry out the skin.


Leave Some Water On The Skin

When your senior parents are drying off, they should leave a little water on their skin and apply moisturizer on top of it. That will seal the water into their skin and help the skin stay hydrated.


Use Gentle Products

Most soaps and shampoos are way too rough for senior skin and hair. Seniors with delicate aging skin should be using gentle moisturizing soaps that won’t make their skin even drier. Using baby soap and baby shampoo is strongly recommended.


Wear Sunscreen Daily

Seniors are more susceptible than other age groups to sun damage. Even if they spend most of the day indoors, seniors can suffer sun damage. Seniors should use sunscreen daily as part of their normal skincare routine. Personal care at home services can help seniors remember and apply sunscreen for outdoor activities.


Use Lotion Throughout The Day

Moisturizing after a shower or bath is good, but seniors should apply body lotion liberally throughout the day. Because most seniors spend a lot of time indoors with the furnace blasting or with the air conditioning turned on high, their skin can become very dry throughout the day. Applying lotion throughout the day will help keep their skin soft and healthy.



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